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Established 2023


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Montrose Pest Control is locally owned and operated by neighbors in your own backyard. At Montrose Pest Control, we understand the need for valuable service in a timely fashion. When you hire Montrose Pest Control, you will have piece of mind knowing that those pests are being taken care of by a name that you can depend on. At every service, you will find we are always ready to handle all your local Pest Control needs. Call today at (719) 367-4773 to book your first appointment and receive a specialized treatment plan tailored to your needs!

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What We Provide



Attention to Detail

Spiders are creepy, we get it! Whether you have a healthy fear or are completely terrified we completely understand and are devoted to eliminating these annoying insects as part of a regular maintenance program. Often times, spiders are around due to other underlying issues. For example, if you have moisture build up near the foundation, you may experience fly problems. With flies of course, come spiders. Often times the best solution is to alter the environment to remove both of these frustrating pests. In addition, we will use glue traps strategically placed around your home to monitor the issue on an ongoing basis.

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Rodent issues aren't fun! Call us now and we can help!

Wether you rent, own, or run a restaurant, rodents are the last thing you have time to deal with in your busy schedule. We get it. When you call Montrose Pest Control for service, you will not get just another “bug company.” You will get professionals that are knowledgable and care. We will evaluate the cause of the issue, seal up any gaps where they are getting in, and provide you with a detailed plan of attack specific to your individual needs. Don’t let rodents your day, give us a call today!

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High-Quality Professionalism

Nothing is more irritating than sitting down with your family and having the flies trying to steal your food. Whether you are experiencing fly issues in your business or home, Montrose Pest Control is devoted to solving the problem. Here are some things to remember: 1. Flies are a serious public health concern. They have been known to carry diseases and should not be taken lightly. 2. There are more than 120,000 species of flies with about 18,000 found in North America alone. 3. The average female fly can lay up to 600 eggs in her short lifetime (often times up to 21 days). Don’t wait to contact us, we have the tools and experience to handle the issue for you.

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Attention to Detail

Vacation is fun, but there are some souvenirs you don't want to take home! Whether you're staying in an upscale hotel, or your in-laws' for the holidays, bed bugs can happen to the best of us. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean that you are messy or that you should fire your housemaid. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and as such they will crawl into your luggage and follow you home. Not to fear, at Montrose Pest Control we are well versed with taking care of these annoying pests. Here are three important facts to take note of:

1. They can and will inhabit areas within five feet from where you sleep. This is primarily because of their nocturnal nature.

2.Bed Bug treatments are generally costly due to the fact that we have to be sure to eliminate every single egg that they leave behind. To accomplish this, we recommend using a crack and crevice/liquid treatment around those areas where they may be hiding in. 

3. Bed bugs aren't known for spreading diseases however, should you suspect an infestation, it is always best to get any bites inspected by a dermotologist that specializes in bug bites.

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Attention to Detail

Here at Montrose Pest Control we understand the severity of how stinging insects such as wasps, hornets, Yellow jackets, etc. can negatively impact your home or business. Many people are allergic now more than ever which makes this a public health concern. This is a great reason to call us immediately. We will evaluate the issue before it gets out of hand. Often times the best approach is early morning/evening when the entire colony is still inside the nest. We will remove the nest on the first try, and be sure to keep you and your family/clients safe from harm during the entire process.

Ant Control, Montrose pest control, Colorado


Always Prepared

Ants are cool to watch…in an ant farm, not in your kitchen. Here’s what you should know about them. 

  1. Ants are foragers. They will set out in search of water and food. We can often times use this to our advantage with how we strategically place our traps around your home or business.

  1. Contact kills are great, but they won’t kill the Queen. This is exactly why we will use baits in gel form as well as in granules. This will allow them to believe they are harvesting food but in reality are taking those products farther than you ever could with a can of repellant.



High-Quality Professionalism

Among the many responsibilities of owning a home or business, dealing with Cockroaches should never be one of them. At Montrose Pest Control we know this can be a sensitive topic. Here are some things to remember:

  1. There are over 4,000 Cockroach Species Worldwide. That being said, no two species are the same (though some look similar). The German Cockroach for instance prefers to run rather than fly when they feel threatened. While they can fly, Oriental Cockroaches cannot fly despite the wings they carry. 

  2. Cockroaches are a health concern and can in fact aggravate asthma if you aren’t careful. We take this fact very seriously here at Montrose Pest Control and will act with a sense of urgency while handling this issue.

  3. Lastly, Cockroaches can spread quickly throughout your home or business. A single female can produce up to 800 additional Cockroaches in as little as a year. Please don’t hesitate to schedule your free Cockroach inspection! 

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Attention to Detail

It’s no secret that the weather likes to play tricks on us here in Colorado. As frustrating as it is for us as humans, the same goes for the pests. They don’t know when to stay in hibernation when the sun is out at noon three hours before a blizzard. Because of this, you may experience what we like to call “Occasional Invaders.” These unwanted pests may consist of Silverfish, Earwigs, Pill bugs, an influx of spiders, etc. Whatever the case may be we are willing to do whatever it takes to handle the occasional occurance before it becomes a regular pest issue. Call us right away to schedule your free inspection!

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